Supplies Service: We can stock your office with paper
products and other supplies
(disinfectant,trash bags, glass cleaner, air freshener, furniture
polish, floor cleaner, mops,
brooms and trash cans)  Any product needed to keep your
office clean we can provide.
Daily Services: (5 days per week, Monday-Friday)
- Empty Trash, replacing liners as needed
- Clean Restroom's
Sanitize Toilets & Urinals
Sanitize Sinks
Sweep & Mop Floors
Refill Toilet Paper Dispensers
Refill Paper Towels Dispensers
Refill Hand Soap Dispensers
- Clean Break Rooms
Refill Paper Towel Dispensers
Empty Trash, replacing liners as needed
Sweep & Mop Hard Floors
- Vacuum entryway mats
- Sweep & Mop entryway

Weekly Services:
- Vacuum carpeted floors
- Dust desktops
- Sweep & Mop other areas
- Clean entryway glass doors

Monthly Services:
- Remove cobwebs
                                          Terms and agreements are subject to change.
Stripping and
Waxing Floors
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